Tropea UV

SKU 85000- Tropea Black Gloss Frame with UV Gray, Large Size Lens

About Tropea UV Sunglasses

Our UV Lenses are made from optical grade polycarbonate and are both impact and scratch resistant.  They block 100% of harmful UV rays and are horizontally decentered to eliminate distortion caused by the frame wrap.  Golf and other high visual acuity sports require a variety of lens tints to match the wide range of conditions faced by the individual wearing the sunglasses.  Our UV line provides a variety of lens tints (gray, brown, rose, etc.) with varying Visible Light Transmissions (VLT-the amount of light that passes through the lens) so the wearer can find the lens that is optimal for a given sport or activity.  Unlike some eyewear companies, Prato does not advocate a specific lens tint to cover all people for a particular sport, i.e., “amber for golf”.  You can call us do discuss your lens performance needs and we will make a recommendation.